WRITING SAMPLE:Women’s position

اذهب الى الأسفل

WRITING SAMPLE:Women’s position Empty WRITING SAMPLE:Women’s position

مُساهمة  rafai في الجمعة 7 مايو 2010 - 16:54

Women’s position

Nowadays, we all notice that women’s position has greatly changed in society. Their efforts have been crowned by getting an equal position to men in all domains.

Women could not go to school and stayed with their parents at homes. Thus they were regarded illiterate and ignorant as well. Their jobs were looking after their husbands, cooking daily meals and washing dishes as machines. They were not allowed to vote and were under the authority of men. When it comes to clothes, women used to wear jallaba and veil, and could not go anywhere without the permission from their husbands and parents.

Everything has now changed, women have become aware of the significance of education, and so they go to school and get good marks. More than that, they have been appointed teachers and directresses in great schools. Because of their strong struggles, women can share with men some political posts like working in courts as judges or lawyers. In addition to that, women wear whatever they love and go to cafés as men.

All in all, the marginalization of women in the past led them suffer a lot and live a difficult life. However, women struggled to show their existence in society and have finally gottheir rights as men.

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