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Write a paragraph about the problems street
children face and explain Why they Need our Help

Street children in many countries face multiple risks that threaten their development, and their lives in general. Lack of adequate shelter, nutrition,education, healthcare, and loving caretakers puts them at great risk for any number of medical problems, mental illnesses, and social difficulties. The prevalence of drug abuse and unsafe sexual practices among the street children only compounds these risks. Many of these children the streets abusesubstances, primarily inhalants, on a regular basis. They also become sexually active at a young age, resulting in high rates of sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, and unsafe abortions. Victimization and exploitation are also part of the daily reality of street life. Studies have shown that most street children aresubjected to physical abuse on a regular basis, and many, particularly girls, have experienced different forms of sexual abuse as well. Often, street children are victimized by other street children. The majority of people tend to view street children as nuisances and little criminals, blaming them for rising crime rates. Or, they don’t see them at all, treating these children as if they are invisible. Therefore, we should do everything possible to reintergrate them into society.

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