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put up with /tolerate.

"It's really important to come to work on time. The boss won't put up with tardiness."

Jot down :to write something quickly on a piece of paper so that you remember it

Let me jot down your mobile number.

hand in / submit homework, an assignment, etc.

"You'd better get started on your report. You know that you have to hand it in at 8:30 tomorrow morning!"

drop out (of) : stop attending / leave school or an organization.

"No, Paul isn't at the university. He dropped out. / He dropped out of school."

'to look after' means to take care of someone or something.

When I have to travel on business, my parents usually look after my children.

I look after the office when my colleagues are away on business.

'to look for' means to try to find something lost or that you need.

My assistant is leaving at the end of the month. I'm looking for a new one.

He has been looking for a job for ages now.

Long for/lɒŋ/ /lɑːŋ/ v formal to want something very much

long for sth; long to do sth

She longed to see him again.

I'm longing for news of him.

dress upto put on formal clothes for a special occasion

You don't need to dress up to go to the pub - jeans and a T-shirt will do.

to put on special clothes in order to change your appearance

Small children usually love dressing up in their mothers' clothes.

He dressed up as a cowboy for the party.

write sth down to write something on a piece of paper so that you do not forget it

Did you write down Jo's phone number?

drop in : visit informally (and usually usually without scheduling a specific time).

"If you're in town next month, we'd love to see you. Please try to drop in. (Please try to drop in on us."

cut down on + decrease the amount of

You need to cut down on your fat intake.

ReduceExample: Doctors advised her to CUT DOWN ON

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