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- Exercises

Use -ing form used as a noun


Infinitive + -ing


Going to parties is fun.
I enjoy reading.
Gerund is subject
Gerund is object
We use the Gerund after prepositions.

Adjective + preposition

We use the Gerund after the following phrases:
afraid of
They are afraid of losing the match.
Pat is angry about walking in the rain.
bad at
good at

John is good at working in the garden.
clever at
He is clever at skateboarding.

crazy about
The girl is crazy about playing tennis.
disappointed about/at
He is disappointed about seeing such a bad report.
excited about
We are excited about making our own film.
famous for
Sandy is famous for singing songs.
fed up with
I'm fed up with being treated as a child.
fond of
Hannah is fond of going to parties.
glad about
She is glad about getting married again.
happy about/at
The children are not happy about seeing a doctor.
interested in
Are you interested in writing poems?
keen on
Joe is keen on drawing.
proud of
She is proud of riding a snowboard.
sick of
We're sick of sitting around like this.
sorry about/for
He's sorry for eating in the lesson.
tired of
I'm tired of waiting you.
used to
She is used to smoking.
worried about
I'm worried about making mistakes.

We use the Gerund after prepositions.

non + preposition

We use the Gerund after the
following nouns:

advantage of
What is the advantage of arming over hunting?
chance of
There's a chance of catching a cold these days.
choice between
There's a choice between flying to London Heathrow or Stansted.
danger of
Peggy is in danger of making a mistake.
difficulty in
He has difficulty in sending SMS.
doubt about
He is in doubt about buying the correct software for his computer system.
hope of
There's little hope of catching Schumacher's Ferrari.
idea of
I like the idea of setting up a new email account.
interest in
There's no interest in writing letters.
method of
This is a simple method of finding solutions.
opportunity of
There's some opportunity of bringing her parents together again.
possibility of
These new wheels offer the possibility of riding tubeless.
problem of
He has the problem of swimming too slow.
reason for
There's a real reason for winning the contest.
risk of
There's a risk of digging too deep.


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