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Dear President of the conference,
First of all,thank you very much for organizing this important conference about
global warming in our city.In fact,it is an opportunity for us all to raise
awareness,inform and take courageous steps to prevent this threat from
destroying our planet.
Global warming ,Sir, is accelerating, leaving environmental destruction in its
wake. Already we are witnessing some of its devastating consequences:
temperatures are rising, bringing more intense heat waves; sea levels are
rising, producing more flooding; droughts and severe weather patterns are more
frequent; wildlife is disappearing because of loss of habitat. These are trends
which, if allowed to proceed unchecked, will culminate in humans huddled around
the two poles in search of respite from the heat.
Of course, all these trends could be dramatically reversed if the world
governments,namely US government, as head of the world’s biggest contributor to
greenhouse gases, resolved to attack them. They would have to begin with a
drastic reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels, such as gas, coal, and
natural gas, which are the principal causes of carbon dioxide emissions and
therefore global warming.
Since vehicles account for roughly one-third of the carbon dioxide production ,
the governments would immediately need to mandate the conversion of
gas-propelled cars to electricity. And we already have the technology for
electric cars, so this program would pose no insurmountable problem.
Power plants account for 40 percent of the production of carbon dioxide. Here
the governments would have to launch a Herculean effort to create the
technology that would allow us to generate power without detriment to the
environment. But it could mount the same kind of campaign that culminated in
the construction of the atomic bomb where the best scientific minds were
assembled and assigned the task that many believed was impossible to
accomplish. And in this case the project would have the virtue of benefiting
humanity rather than destroying it. In the meantime, the government could
expand the research and development of solar energy by providing generous
Air travel produces 15 percent of the total production of carbon dioxide. For
starters, the government could outlaw corporate jets since they transport a
mere handful of people at a relatively tremendous cost to the environment.
Then, after the developped countries reversed their own global warming trends,
they could turn to other countries and help them do the same.
So solutions to global warming are available, but is there the will and desire
to pursue implement these suggestions to save our world?

Yours very truly,
Your full name

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