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s u s t a i n a i n a b l e d e v e l o p m e n t
التنمية المستدامة

Sustainable development can be defined as the efforts a government must make to support, maintain and guarantee
the progress and evolution of its own country for a long time . To make sustainable development a reality, it’s up to the government to set out a strategy to help deliver a better quality of life for all its citizens. And that can be done on four major scales.

On the social scale, everyone must help fight illiteracy and encourage education We all must contribute to minimize poverty and guarantee a good social security and health care . Housing and employment also must be provided on the
social level As to the economic development, self-employment , national ,and international investments must be encouraged in order to boost the economy of the country. A necessary step must be forward taken to motivate production and increase exportation . Fruitful decisions must be taken to push agriculture and commerce some steps forward Concerning politics , democracy must be the essence of governments We all must believe in and grant the freedom of opinion and expression ,and above all,, the population political choices must be respected. It is also worth mentioning that social justice is the ideal condition in which all the members of society have the same basic rights, security, opportunities, obligations and social benefits..

On the ecological level, all of us must do everything in our power to preserve our natural environment in order to meet our needs and those of future generations.

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