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Expressions with DO and MAKE
DO (some) damage to someone. MAKE an impression (on someone).
DO (some) research (= To investigate.) MAKE a remark.
DO a course. (= To take a course.) MAKE a quorum
DO a dance. (= To perform a dance.) MAKE a bridge/house/table/etc.
DO a university degree (e.g., To pursue an
MA in Art.)
MAKE a copy.
DO a job. MAKE a comment on someone/something.
DO a lesson (To prepare/study the lesson.) MAKE a recommendation/a suggestion.
DO a paper. (= To write a paper.) MAKE a guess.
DO a problem. (= To solve a problem.) MAKE a mess.
DO a service for someone. MAKE a mistake.
DO an activity. MAKE food (e.g., a salad, a sandwich,
DO business. MAKE a plan.
DO exercises. MAKE a decision.
DO good to someone. MAKE a request.
DO harm to someone. (= To harm
MAKE an effort.
DO justice. MAKE a reservation.
DO military service. MAKE a movement
DO one's will. (= Do as we please.) MAKE an offer.
DO some work. MAKE an estimate.
DO someone a favor. MAKE a deal.
DO someone a good/bad turn (Do
something that is helpful/unhelpful to
MAKE an observation
DO the cleaning. (= To clean.) MAKE a promise.
DO the dishes (= To wash the dishes.) MAKE a change.
DO drugs. (= To consume/use drugs.) MAKE a speech.
DO the gardening. MAKE a statement.
DO the house. (= To tidy the house.) MAKE an appointment with (a doctor).
DO the housework. MAKE a fuss of someone. (Treat a person
with a great show of fondness or interest)
DO the ironing. (= To iron.) MAKE a gesture.
DO the shopping. MAKE a telephone call.
DO the trick. (= To work.) MAKE an arrangement.
DO the washing (= To wash the clothes.) MAKE an attempt

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